Supplier Code of Conduct

Dear Valued Supplier:


Bray is devoted to conducting business in an ethical, legal, and socially responsible manner. To help ensure that our suppliers and partners share this commitment to integrity in all business dealings, all of Bray's suppliers should adhere to the attached Supplier Code of Conduct. This Code applies to any suppliers working with any Division or Subsidiary of Bray International.


We recognize that legal and cultural standards vary across the world, but this code defines the minimum acceptable conduct for Bray suppliers and partners while engaged in any Bray-related business, for example, business activities with Bray and/or products supplied to Bray.


We request that your company's highest ranking official begin the on-line form by clicking below to affirm your organization's commitment to ethical business practices. Thank you.


Adrienne Darden

Global Procurement Manager

Bray International, Inc.